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Sledge Hockey

Sarnia Ice Hawks

What is Sledge Hockey?

Sledge Hockey is an exciting sport for people with special needs. The same rules are followed as in ice hockey, with six players on the ice, including a goalie. Players sit on a sledge, which is a narrow platform with skate blades attached to the bottom, and propel themselves using two specially constructed hockey sticks that have picks on the end. Players wear full hockey gear and are strapped onto the sledges. The sledges can be adapted to meet the individual needs of each player.

Major differences from stand-up hockey:

While Hockey Canada rules apply, there are some rule variations and changes made necessary by the nature of the game and the players who participate, such as:

* hockey sticks are about 1/3 the length of a regulation hockey stick with picks on the ends

* the players' benches in most arenas are inaccessible. The players sit on the ice along the boards in front of the benches between the blue line and red line. For penalties, the players sit in the semi-circle in front of the penalty box.
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