How it all Began!

Like all good ideas was just that at one time, an idea, a concept, a thought, which just kept evolving. Being a first time parent and a very protective one at that, I began researching home and daycare facilities and running ads in the local paper trying to find something that best suited my needs. No easy task, especially with the thought of having to leave my first born in the care of some total stranger. After visiting several daycare facilities and a few home ones as well, I was fortunate enough to find someone not far from my home. Word of mouth always seems to come through.

As my kids became older and started to become more involved in various activites and sports word of mouth came into play once again. Finding out about various summer camps and sports programs during the course of the year seemed to be ongoing, to be popping up in front of me quite frequently. As I found out about these same activities, sports and resources I also began sharing my information with other parents. Just happy to help out, I was always promoting a good thing. It was about that same time that I started thinking that if I didn't know about these local activities, sports and resources then surely other parents didn't know about them as well.

I continued to find out about more activities and sports for kids to do in the area. Alot in the Sarnia Lambton area that I never knew existed. I thought all of us parents are all in the same boat so to speak, looking for something for our children to do to keep them busy and active especially during the summer months. Then it dawned on me! Why not have all this information under one roof and create a resource for all parents with children. Basicly, a one stop shop info/help website where parents could come and get information or help and or resouces to keep their children active and particpating and interacting with other children.Thus, in short, was born! is your one & only internet guide to kids activities, sports and resources in the Sarnia Lambton area. Our aim is to provide you with the info/help you need to know about getting or keeping your child active in an activity or sport that is available to you in the area!

We are a new info/help website designed to help you help your kids participate, socialize and have fun! Have we missed anything? If so, your suggestions are more than welcome! Hopefully, together with your help we can provide all the necesssary information and resources available in the area to help benefit your child, keep them active and above all participate! ... and remember! ... "Kids Just Wanna Have Fun!"